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Apr 12, 2021

2 min read

Why do you need to monitor your app?

Have you ever watched a specific video on YouTube and you have seen Similar videos on your homepage?.

Have you browsed a specific subject in Google chrome and found similar content on your homepage?.

If you have seen this, then your apps are monitoring your activity, not you.

This is a myth that everyone thinks about monitoring such as “my parents monitoring my phone etc…”.

This is completely different.

But, here you will try to monitor your user activity to figure out what your user is searching for? What content your user loving?. Where your user spending more time in your app?.

And so on…

This is what made the Facebook book more effective than ever.

This feature made its users addicted to the app as they are getting similar content they are searching for.

This will also ensure that your users are using specific features of your app, in which you have spent lots of time and effort.

This will help you add or remove some features which are not being used by your users.

By this, your user will get lots of clarity on what features he/she using in your app.

This is interesting. Isn’t it?.

Have you heard about Google analytics?

Where you will analyze the traffic your website (or) app getting? From where you are getting more traffic?

What device they are using (smartphone/desktop)?

What activity they are doing?

Where (on what page) they are spending more time? And so on…

This is also a simple form of monitoring your website and your website visitor/user.

Hence, Google Analytics is one of my favorite tools to monitor my website traffic.


I can’t guide you to the software available to monitor your user’s activity etc.

Because I don’t have good knowledge of it.

I hope this blog is helpful to you.

Cheers, Pavan.