Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your app means…

In the previous blog, I have told you about the marketing strategy for your app. Please, read it if you haven’t read it. “best methods for marketing your app”. Now, it’s time to go deeper into the marketing strategy.

You need to get more visits to your app either through the smartphone in the form of an app (or) through laptops in the form of a website.


Because the more traffic your app gets the more you will earn money…

(This is possible by Advertisements etc…) Many people including me mainly focus on SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This will be really helpful to get more potential clients (your app users) organically (without spending money on Advertising etc.). For this organic traffic, you should focus on… Your app title (minor description) and body (major description) contains keywords that are more prominently searched online. If you want to find the best keywords for your app. Please, see the following video.

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Visit:- Ubersuggest

(It is FREE) But… If you want more traffic, then you have to focus on paid traffic. But… If you have more followers in social media (or) you know someone who has more followers can help your app to reach more people. Using social networking platforms such as… Facebook (or) Pinterest. I prefer using Pinterest first because you can find many creative people who will love designing an app (UX) etc… Also, Facebook is a wonderful platform where you can directly find thousands of people joining “groups” where you can show your app. But, these groups may not support marketing your app directly into their groups. I had also faced so many objections from these groups. So… The best way is the paid one if you face any problems with groups. You can pay as little as 1–2 dollars per click (I.e., you will pay only someone who clicks on your Advertisement no matter how many people will see it). This would be awesome.

You can find courses on YouTube and read blogs on Google or medium.

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