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Apr 4, 2021

3 min read

Simply get an app idea…

Getting an app idea is also known as “Brain mapping”.

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Mind mapping means “planning” how you are going to get an app idea systematically.

Assume, that you want to travel from one place to another.

Then, what will do first?.

“You will PLAN”.

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You will plan “when to start?”.

You will plan” how to start?”.

You will plan “in which direction you should move?”.

You will plan “what will be the vehicle to move?”.

You will plan “how long the journey will be?”.

You will plan “how much time it will take to reach your destination?”.

You will plan “what will be the obstructions that will delay your journey?”.(Traffic signals, traffic jams, repairs, etc…)

You will plan “what should I carry along with me?”.

You will plan “how long you want to stay that at that particular location/destination?”.

You will plan “what will be your second(next) destination?”, after reaching your first destination.

This is called “Mind Mapping”.

Without this mind mapping, you may drive thousands of miles.

But, you won’t reach your destination.

Although you have reached, unfortunately, you won’t recognize it and you will lose it.

Similarly, planning will be applied to your mobile app idea.

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Without mind mapping, you can’t even explain “what your app exactly does?. That’s that power of mind mapping.

For mind mapping for your mobile application (or) mobile app idea, you have to first understand it and feel it, feel it with the purpose you have to build it for.

Then write down what it does?. How it does?. and when it does? it’s a function to fulfill the purpose.

This will lead you to explore your app in detail.

Then, note down all these minor & major tasks done by your app and systematically arrange them from the second(time) user signs until sign Out such that you can feel your app “how it functions? what does it do? and so on…

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Now, you know all about mind mapping (i.e., getting an idea).

Then, what are you waiting for?.

This is your moment.

Grab a pen and paper and write down whatever you get in your mind about your app idea no matter what it is.

Now systematically arrange them.

To understand this download similar apps related to your niche and observe “how it works”.

All the best and Never Give up.