Do you know style guides for an app?

Have you ever amazed by seeing this wonderful planet Earth filled with different colour patterns such as…

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Green leaves,

Orange-red sun,

Blue colour sky,

White to grey colour clouds,

Transparent to muddy water,

Brown soil and so on…

I am trying to remember you once again that our planet is an expert in “style guides “.

Where ever you go on this planet you will find this motherly nature filled with different colours.

This is what makes us visually & emotionally connect with nature. It’s a wonderful relationship. Isn’t it?.

You are going to learn the same lessons from nature to design your app.

What?? Yeah! You heard right my friend.

First, let’s see what is meant by a style guide.

A style guide is nothing but a specific colour’s, fonts (font sizes, font type, font style etc…), logos, content (which will be written on your app), images ( it’s purpose, location etc…), video (it’s purpose, it’s usefulness etc…), structure of your app and so on…

Because it will trigger your audience psychologically.

“If you see a plant emerging from a seed it is already decided it’s colour, shape, texture and many more”.

But, so many of us including me will do some mistakes in selecting our colours, styles etc…


Don’t worry, you will learn everything on the process.

“Never expect to be 100% perfect at the beginning itself “. Because it is impossible.

You will learn by making mistakes. They are valuable.


Hi, My name is Pavan and I am here to share my knowledge about building apps (especially apps without code) for FREE. Your welcome.

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