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Apr 10, 2021

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5 steps to publishing your app to Apple App Store…

Are you trying to publish your app to the Apple app store?

But, don’t know how to do it?.


You might know how to do it.

But, facing some difficulties in publishing your app?.

Here to publish your app in the apple app store, your app should be made using complex code knowledge known as Xcode.


As we are considering building and publishing a hybrid app using a specific platform you might have a direct method to publish your app within your selected platform.

But… I would like you to share your important things before launching your app through your selected platform.

(If you are searching for platforms to build your app. Then, Please take my 9-day challenge to find out my favorite platforms to build your app).

Hence… welcome to this blog where I will guide you to useful resources that you can learn to publish your app to the app store (also known as the Apple app store).

Are you ready?.

Let’s go.

Publishing your app to the app store is a little bit difficult.


Apple concentrates on having to have good apps in its app store.

This is to protect the iPhone users, iPad users, etc… from viruses, threats, and so on.

Hence, you need to be careful and truthful with your app and its performance.

Before you publish you to the app store, go through the given video.

Made by one of my favorite YouTube channels by Hitesh Choudary.

Click here to watch the video:

I hope you have learned what you shouldn’t do? Before you learn what you should do.

This will be helpful to you.


You can also follow these 5 steps to publish your app to the Apple app store:-

1. Make sure you are satisfied with your app.

2. Take screenshots of your app.

3. Write descriptions of your app.

4. Create an account in the apple app store.

5. Publish your app in the apple app store.

This is very important.

If you are not satisfied with your app, how you can satisfy your app users?.

Hence, make sure you have tested your apps.


Never try to build a 100% perfect app at the beginning itself. It is impossible.

Hence build your basic app containing maximum 5 major features.

Later you can update your app by adding other features one by one.


Make sure your app is good-looking.

I will tell you why? in the next step.

Now, I think you have understood why I told you to make your app good-looking.


Whenever you go to the play store ( or app store) you will try to find more information about the app before you are going to download it.

Then, you will see the images of the app to find more information about it…

Similarly, whenever others reach your app in the play store, they will also try to find more about your app.

Such as…

How does your app look?

How does it work? What are the features it contains?

And so on…

Hence, try to take as many screenshots as possible depending on your app and its features.

I prefer to take at least 3 screenshots for your app.


Make sure you have your app logo.

Your logo should be unique and you should be using it for many years without changing it.

Because, if you prefer to change your logo, then you might confuse your app users and you may lose new users.

Now, let’s go to the 3rd step. I.e.,

As I have told you earlier, your app users will try to know more about your app.


They deserve this information.

Because they are providing space for your app in their smartphones.

Hence, always respect them and try to give as much information as possible related to your app.

Such as…

What problems your app will solve?

How it will solve those problems?

Are there any apps related to your app? If yes, then,

what is the uniqueness of your app?

How does your app work?

And so on…

Always make it simple.

Write 2 descriptions for your app.

I.e., minor description of a one-line statement of your app.


The major description will explain your minor description in detail. (To understand this better, watch the video shown above)


If you have more information for your app, that you can’t share directly in your description.


Provide a link to your website (or) any other source that they can understand it (your app) better.

Having a 1-minute video about your app will be very helpful.

Now, it’s time to take action to publish your app in the app store.

Are you ready?.

Let’s rock.

To publish your app in the apple app store (app store) you should have an account in it.

This is known as a developer account.

Please, see the video below on how to create an apple developer account I.e., you need to create your Apple developer ID.

See the video given below to create your apple developer account.

This is all I know about this. Hence, Please, see the video given below.

Click the link:


When you have to publish your app you have to pay the fee of $99 every year.

This is where most of us feel bad. Because in the play store it only 25 dollars and it is a one-time payment.

Then, everything will be easy in publishing your app by to apple store as you will be guided by your selected platform to build your app.


Now, it’s time to publish your app.

Now, see the video has given above, which will show you how to launch/ publish your app to the app store.

Now, you have seen the video

Then, it’s time to publish your app.

Follow the video and upload your screenshots, your app logo, minor description, and major description.


Upload your app into it.

Then, publish your app. Isn’t simple?.

Now, it’s time to take action.

Follow the steps shown above and publish your app to the app store.

All the best.